Access Control


Whatever the requirements – conventional or breakthrough biometric technologies, use of biometric recognition alone or in combination with contactless cards, standalone or IP-networked installations, indoor or outdoor use – Morpho proposes the most reliable biometric solutions to protect access to a variety of premises.


ZKTeco is a leading global developer of IP based security and time management technology offering a full solution through their hardware and software products. With ZKTeco we can offer you standalone to enterprise solutions that can be tailored to the requirements for any business.


Suprema is proud to be one of the leading biometrics companies that offer fingerprint technologies for PC and embedded applications. They have a team of experts with vast experience and knowledge of biometric solutions, embedded system designs and signal processing and their fingerprint solution was proven to be one of the world’s most reliable. They have sold their products to over 100 countries and are proven to have an outstanding performance.