Off - Site CCTV Monitoring

Control Room :

Access can only be gained by a thumb print. There are several steps to be followed in order to enter this secure domain of operations. IMS Technologies’ control room houses state of the art surveillance and security equipment that allows our specially trained operators to remotely monitor all our security sites.

Our servers, which store many hours of video surveillance and streaming, are also securely set up and which can only be accessed by authorised personnel. Regular backups are made with high speed internet lines in place, which remotely connect our control room to our security and surveillance sites which are monitored by IMS Technologies. We ensure complete redundancy allowing for no downtime at any point in time.

Equipped with the necessary power backups, such as generators and UPS systems, IMS Technologies’ control room is never without power. Rotation of staff ensures that our security systems and surveillance sites are always under observation, ensuring 100% monitoring at any time in our Control room. Our control room runs 24 hours, 7 days a week for 356 days a year. We also offer an open door policy where any of our clients are more than welcome to visit our site to satisfy them that we deliver on what we promise.  IMS Technologies’ managerial office is on the same level as the control room and this allows us to monitor the operators as they go about their daily task of keeping an eye on our clients’ sites.

Because we offer a 24 hour, 7 days a week service to our clients, our control room can also be reached by our clients 24/7. Tel : 0800 060 036

We can do a risk assessment for you, which will point out areas in your business or residence where crime prevention measures need to be stepped-up. By completing the online form on this page one of our highly qualified operating specialists will promptly call you back to assist you with all your security and surveillance needs.

With event based monitoring, the system relies on triggers to notify the operator of any abnormal activity. This could be a physical trigger (outdoor beams) or software based triggers (a tripwire / virtual fence programmed into the video software) .This type of monitoring works well as perimeter protection.

This involves a dedicated operator viewing live  video streams. The client decides when they want the operator to view the live feed. E.g. only after hours. This type of monitoring is not common, as large quantities of video data needs to be sent over the internet for long periods at a time.

This type of monitoring relates to a dedicated operator that patrols through all live camera feeds looking for any out of the ordinary or suspicious activity. The client decides how often the operator should patrol e.g. every 30minutes or 45minutes.