Vehicle Monitoring

Personal injury claims have risen by 60% since 2006, despite a 20% drop in accidents overall (statistics provided by the AA). We have developed a vehicle CCTV camera system that leaves nothing to chance.

IMS Technologies offers court admissible video data that is ideal for both fleet and personal vehicles, helping to settle insurance claims and reduce fraudulent incidents.

Providing a neutral version of events without bias, you and your drivers become exonerated of the staged and premeditated crashes, along with false and exaggerated whiplash claims.

Customers with vehicle CCTV systems are already reporting decreases in their driver insurance premiums.

The cameras benefit from being fully integrated with Google Earth and can provide vehicle location via GPS, as well as all the other Vehicle Dynamics that a fleet manager needs to monitor; acceleration, braking, speed and G forces upon impact.

With infra red night vision also available, the video data from any journey is stored on either an SD card or a Hard Drive and can be viewed at any time